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Questions to ask yourself?

Your apartment has been robbed. Ask yourself if you can afford to replace your LCD or Plasma TV, Laptop Computer, Jewelry & any other valuables?

If your car window's has been smashed. What abour our valueable posessions? Who's going to pay for them?


Am I covered?

What if your friend falls in your home or apartment and breaks his or her leg / arm? You don't have to worry, you'll be covered!

If the landscaper or worker hurts themselves on your property, you don't have to worry you'll be covered!

What if a kid hurts themself while playing on my property, you don't have to worry you'll be covered.


Ask Yourself?

What if your microwave or other electronic device catches fire & then smokes up your property? You don't have to worry, renters insurance pays for the clean up of your home!

What if lightning strikes your property and damages your home, aprtment or any of its electronics. Don't worry, your renters insurance will replace it!

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Renters Insurance

What do I need to know?

You might say to yourself, "Why do I need insurance if I am renting?" Although your landlord most likely has an insurance policy on your dwelling, you still need to protect your personal interests as well. Remember, it costs very little to protect alot. You may not realize, but renter's insurance is much less costly than you may think. Call today for your free quote.

Items you need to consider:

1) Property - Think to what would it cost if you had to replace all of the contents in your home?
2) Do you have an inventory and photographs of your possessions?
3) Do you need to purchase flood insurance?
4) What kind of protection do you want to have against liability?
5) What about your guest's medical expenses if they need to be covered if for some reason they accidentally injured in your home?
6) You should ask yourself what additional coverages are available for personal property such as: furniture, electronic equipment, jewelry, artwork or other valuables that you may own?
7) How can you save additional money if your auto insurance is with Aardvark Insurance Agency?
8) How can you make my home safer place, and save money?
9) You shouldn't wait another day to get your renters insurance policy, You should see what coverages and what options and discounts that may be available to you!

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