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What You Need To Know!

1) What is Homeowners Insurance?

2) What steps do I need to make an inventory of my home, and why should I do it?

3) What is the difference between a cancellation & nonrenewal of a policy?

4) Is homeowners insurance required if I own my home?

5) Are any types of Natural disasters covered?


Home Owners Insurance
Homeowners Insurance - provides a wide variety of coverages in the event that there is damage to your property, as well as offers liability for injuries & damage that you may you cause inadvertently to other people.
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Let me help you Understand!

6) Is flooding Insurance Covered in my plan?

7) What type of insurance is needed for a condo or for a Co-Op Property?

8) What types of different policies are available?

9) Is there a standard homeowners insurance policy?

10) What happens if I rent my home to someone, can I get insurance if I rent my home?





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