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High Risk Auto Insurance Quotes:

Auto insurance services can come in very handy for high risk drivers. That's because we have instant access to all of the high risk auto insurance companies!

You don't have to shop around any longer, we offer extremely competetive rates for even very high risk drivers. Apply now for your free quote.

If you are a high risk driver with an improving record or with only one high-risk factor (two tickets, say, but perfect credit), then you should apply for preferred arates as well. The rate may be lower, and the process is faster!

The best way to cover all of your bases and insure the lowest possible rate is to apply with both high risk auto insurance companies and preferred vendors.

Lowering teenage auto insurance rate:

Adding a new teenage driver to your policy will always mean a higher premium. There are a few ways to cut the costs.

Make sure your that teenager drives safely. Just one ticket or a fender-bender will send your teenagers auto insurance rates to the moon!

Please take advantage of a good student teenage driver insurance rate. You might be saving up to 25% on your teenagers car insurance if he or she maintains a "B" average or above, depending on the insurance providor. Keep your teenage driver insured on your own policy, and then have them listes as a occasional driver if possible.

Last but not least, auto insurance for teenage drivers becomes less expensive as the car they drive becomes safer and less expensive over time.


High Risk Auto Insurance Factors

Being classified as a high risk driver almost certainly means a bigger insurance bill. But you can still cut the costs! Here are some important steps below that will help you determine the significant insurance factors that may dertermine your rates. Please contact us at (763) 746-3680 for more information!

What decides a high risk driver? Many factors determine this, here are some big ones:

Driving Record. Alright, there is no surprise here. Everyone knows that an at-fault accident will increase your insurance rate, but a ticket & s no-fault accident can too. Why is this? For every speeding ticket you receive, the chance of you being involved in an accident rises by 100%, which being involved in several car accidents, (even if they are "not at fault") this may show a history of reckless driving.

Personal profile. This probably won't come as a surprise to you either. There really isn't much that you can do about it. Insurance companies always consider males a greater risk than females, and that teens are higher risk than adults, along with city drivers being a greater risk than rural drivers.

Your credit history. This may not seem fair on the surface, it is viewed that your credit is a significant factor that increasingly influences other areas of your personal life, which includes insurance. Statistically speaking, records show that drivers with poor credit history have more auto insurance claims than those with higher credit, which is why many companies use this information to classify a high risk driver.

Cutting the cost of auto insurance for high risk drivers:

Step #1 - Getting yourself out of the high-risk drivers category will take a little bit of time. You will need to change some of your basic behaviors (by starting with cleaning up your bad driving record & start paying your bills on a timely manner).

Step #2 -Some factors will fade with time. Please note that most insurance companies rate a driver with zero points for three years as a good risk.

Step #3 -There are a few things that you can do in order to cut your high risk auto insurance costs now. Try and consider driving an older car or dropping collision and comprehensive coverages. If you can accept this type of risk, try carrying a lower amount of other standard coverages.


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